Second Life Educators of Escambia County

Educators using Second Life for Professional Development and Collaboration

Second Life Educators of Escambia County

Getting Started

Second Life Educators of Escambia County

Creating your account in Second Life:

Please read and follow the directions carefully, so that you will enter Second Life at SLEEC Island.

1. Click on this SLEEC Island Slurl and click on the green “Join now, it’s Free!” button in the middle of the SLEEC Island Region box.

2.  Complete the online application.

3.  Download and install Second Life.

4.  Launch the Second Life Software and sign in using your username and password.

5. You arrive at SLEEC Island.

6.  Follow the directions on the board to your right to join the SLEEC Group in Second Life.  This is a requirement to have full access to the island.

7.  Use the orientation area straight ahead to learn skills needed in Second Life.

7.  Now that you are at SLEEC Island, go to the menu at the top and choose “World” and “Set Home to Here.”

Screen shot 2010-07-28 at 9.08.48 PM

Welcome to SLEEC Island.  IM Laural McCallen or Lori Galli for answers to any questions.  The message will be saved if we are not online so we can reply at a later time.



  • Lynn Parker

    I’m an MDE trying to teleport to SLEEC island before March 10th for our guided tour. After finding SLEEC island and clicking on teleport, it says “Could not teleport. No valid parcel could be found.” Did I miss a step somewhere?

  • Dorothy Najarian

    This sounds awesome, but I don’t think I could accomplish it without some first-hand technical support. Many of the items I have never heard of before!!

  • alwaysu

    Well, I guess I am doing what I need to do without knowing!!!

  • Deborah Roby

    I’m here.

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